LexaTexer is next generation software for predictive analytics.

Easy to use, precise and secure. LexaTexer is optimized for Legal, Health, Compliance, Customer Interaction and Predictive Maintenance use cases. Data collection and processing is as easy as copying files into a virtual data room. Security is guaranteed by our award winning DocRAID® secure data rooms.

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Uncover relevant information quickly with LexaTexer

Machine learning document analysis speeds up the identification of relevant knowledge.


IT Security Made in Germany

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance anticipates equipment failures to allow for advance scheduling of corrective maintenance, thereby preventing unexpected equipment downtime and improving service quality. LexaTexer introduces a new level of quality.

Due Diligence

Save up to 90% of time spent on text reviews. Increase accuracy. Do not miss details.

Contract Analysis

Identify clauses, regardless of how they are phrased, across your entire repository. Improve obligation management and compliance.


Healthcare information systems collect massive amounts of textual and numeric information about patients, visits, prescriptions, physician notes and more. This information can lead to improved healthcare quality, fewer medical errors and lower costs. LexaTexer helps to make this knowledge available.

Security and Data Management

Your sensitive data is secure with LexaTexer. Also reading in data is as easy as copying files into a folder. LexaTexer builds on our award winning DocRAID® secure data rooms which combine multiple mechanisms for maximum data protection: fragmentation, encryption and redundant distribution to multiple storages (CloudRAID). Any medical, legal, maintenance or other record analyzed by LexaTexer will be protected by DocRAID®.


These industries use LexaTexer: Legal, Logistics, Telecommunictions, Automobile, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Real Estate.


Read patient records faster, more efficiently and more accurately. Get visits, prescriptions, physician notes and more in a comprehensive format. Improve healthcare quality, make fewer medical errors and reduce costs.


Improve the speed and accuracy of contract data extraction work. LexaTexer automatically extracts the key data from contracts, leases, and other similar documents. For example, LexaTexer can be used to find information like contract auto-renewal dates which can then be used to populate contract or lease management systems, enabling workflow automation.

Automotive and Manufacturing

Anticipate equipment failures and schedule corrective maintenance in advance, thereby preventing unexpected downtime and improve service quality. Use maintenance records and other unstructured notes to improve the quality of your predictive maintenance models.

Real Estate

LexaTexer identifies the content of documents and extracts the relevant knowledge automatically. These attributes can then be exported to different formats. The content is made available to a selected user group, e.g. owner, evaluators, asset manager, property manager. The LexaTexer secure data rooms manage access rights, security, governance, compliance.

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