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What we do

We make products to simplify and automate the analysis of real world data.

We are focused on creating results that can be operationalized. To achieve this, we have built software platforms for onboarding, integrating, managing, securing, analyzing and deploying data driven solutions. These solutions solve real world problems across industries, mostly focused on manufacturing and intelligence use cases. Our solutions read a broad range of data types, we provide additional external data to get your solution jump started if needed. Our products cover the entire process from data onboarding to solution delivery and integration into your legacy IT. Our products automate the process of predictive analytics, thus drastically reducing the time to deliver results.


Integrate, secure, analyze and operationalize your enterprise and production data. Fuse your enterprise data with alternative external data sources.

LXTXR Precision AI

LXTXR Precision AI is the workbench for predictive optimization and automation covering automotive and Tier1 suppliers. The LXTXR precision AI suite supports use cases like predictive production, predictive maintenance, predictive scheduling and OEE optimization. Integrate and analyze manufacturing data, inspection and maintenance data. LXTXR Production reads, understands and integrates structured measurements and also unstructured data like maintenance reports. Out-of-the box LXTXR understands more than one million language items, language models for multiple verticals are available, LXTXR production is looking beyond individual words to understand the context and to provide optimal results even with mixed type and mixed quality data sets.

LXTXR No-Code Enterprise AI

The LXTXR No-Code Enterprise AI platform seamlessly integrates no-code builders with LXTXR’s precision AI solutions and cutting-edge gen AI capabilities, providing an intuitive no-code environment. This allows for optimal results by combining multiple AI models, creating AI-driven automation ad-hoc, and generating personalized AI pipelines to automate various processes. Key benefits include full control over your AI, local deployment to maintain data security, direct document interaction, integration of high-precision solutions like anomaly detection and shopfloor scheduling, and rapid deployment of solutions.

Solutions & Use Cases

Our customers have a deep understanding of the problems they face. We have proven products and an engineering mindset.

Massive amounts of raw data in numerous formats, spread across multiple locations in combination with a high complexity of data science projects, on top - a lack of solution integration into legacy systems. That is what we see in the field. LexaTexer automates the development of data driven solutions. LexaTexer reduces the complexity of building, deploying and integrating AI driven solutions. We provide ready to roll-out solutions for manufacturing, operations and intelligence use cases. If you find your use case not covered, we'll custom engineer it for you.

AI for Manufacturing: Automotive Shopfloor AI

Instant production analysis preditcs failures in the production line and in vehicles. The LXTXR solution delivers root cause probabilities and increases OEE.

AI for Manufacturing: Tier 1 supplier production optimization

Dynamic changes in orders, delivery dates, quantities in addition to machine failures, machine quality, operator availability and numerous additional parameters provide a challenging environment for parts production. The LXTXR solution decreases scrap, optimizes production parameters, increases OEE and provides real time optimized production schedules.

AI for Energy: Predictive maintenance and real time condition monitoring

Rotating equipment can fail. To increase availability, to avoid catastrophic failures and to inform the operator early in the process of potential anomalies, the LXTXR solution provides early indications of potential failures and explanations of potential root causes.

AI for Operations: Heavy vehicle lifecycle management

Mission critical industrial vehicles in mining, construction and transport must be operating. The LXTXR solution predicts engine failures, power reduction and failure conditions in industrial rolling stock. Thus increasing leeway to replace a vehicle and to increase operational time.

AI for Retail: Sales and Demand Predictions

Sales, production, transport, inventory keeping and goods on offer need precise estimates on what good needs to be at what location at what time. The LXTXR solution predict sales and demand figures for regions and products, provides next best offer and supports inventory optimization.

AI for Finance & Treasuries: Fraud recognition

Transaction based business units face fraud and are under increasing pressure from regulators and audit departments. The LXTXR solution provides real time monitoring of transactions, raises red flags and alerts and provides an explanantion of the detected fraudulent transaction.

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